The 2008 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Draft Recap

The 2008 years draft proved to be one of the most exciting drafts to date. The NFL Draft is by far the greatest of all professional drafts for it’s clear cut schedules, consistent evaluations and the fact that the majority of America is deeply involved in college football.

In Baseball, players are taken from High school as well as college and most everyone takes a good 4 to 5 years before having Major League ready talent. If that.

In Basketball, you are lucky if 5 of the years First Round picks go on to even make an All-Star game… And Hockey? I don’t even want to begin with Hockey.

Most NFL Hopefuls have in mind what they plan to do their final year of College whether it be their Junior campaign or Senior season. They begin the year with a heavy dosage of practices, they have the fun and always exciting Spring Game, they play 10 to 12 important games and then gear up for their drafting services final game in College which we all hope is a coveted Bowl Game.

It doesn’t end there, then we have two established “All-Star” games, followed by extended training sessions to prepare for an all-too-important Pro Day on the field of their choice. Before you know it, the Combine is upon everyone and the constant media battle of evaluations takes way for the remaining 6 weeks before Draft Day.

It isn’t easy for the players, but just as note able it isn’t easy for the Scouting Officials for each team. It’s a year round job that doesn’t get any easier after the season like everyone else’s.

With that said, let us appreciate the time and effort put in by all sides and I begin my review of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2008 NFL Draft selections.

Round 1 – Pick 20 – CB Aqib Talib – Kansas – 6′0 – 202 Pounds – 4.45 40 Yard Dash

All through the draft process the debates continued for the Buccaneers, Wide Receiver or Defensive Back? Eventually, the answer was provided with Kansas Corner Aqib Talib who is the perfect Make it or Break it type player. He is a great athlete who can run, jump and catch like a Receiver.

He’s more suited for the Zone Coverage but he doesn’t play physical. He’s cocky, but he takes risk. He