Over Time – A Story of Lost Loves, Found Glory, and Business Treachery

What if you could re-live your favorite NFL game memory? You can … the legends live on in the suspenseful novel “Over Time” (ISBN 0974075418) by Brian Hill and Dee Power, authors of the popular book, “The Making of a Bestseller.”

“Over Time,” the drama of high finance, hostile takeovers and vicious venture capitalists is interwoven with an emotionally engaging, nostalgic football story about friendships that last forever.

Time is running out for Dan to save the business that took his family sixty years to build. Kelly’s lifework crumbles around her. Mike thinks he’ll always be the guy watching the world from the sidelines. Mark dies just when his dream of playing football for the National Football League seemed within reach.

Then a letter lost for twenty years arrives and sends the game of life into overtime.

It all comes down to a desperate financial gamble, a football game for the ages, and the emotional reunion of four college friends who could not be separated by ufabet บอลออนไลน์ time, distance, or even death.

With warmth, suspense, humor, memorable characters and a realistic depiction of the world of high finance and professional football, “Over Time” scores a touchdown with football fans and fans of romantic suspense fiction alike.

In a perfect world, novels would cater to both football-loving men and women who love to read romantic thrillers. “Over Time” does both.

Golfers have Bagger Vance, baseball fans have Field of Dreams. Now football fans have a book they can call their own: Over Time.

Brian Hill and Dee Power have done an outstanding job collaborating on their first novel. The work captivated me from the opening paragraph. The varied aspects of friendship. football and finance are artistically melded together and grab the readers attention. The characters are all well defined and well crafted. As you begin to get to know them better you experience their anger, joy, love and heartaches as they journey through the game called life.