Experience Elite Football Training at French Football Academies

Travel to the beautiful French Riviera to be immersed into the French culture while improving your football skills. Studying abroad prepares students to think outside the box and meet people they would have never met.

“Football is played all over the world,” said EduKick France-HIFA student Sebastian Anselmo. “The system of the game, positions on the field and different coverage between the players have become international.”

Training sessions are organized to progress the player’s technique in order to move up to different teams. Student-players have the exposure to different levels depending on how their skills progress. Technique is very important in French football. Some of the best players are followed by agents. It’s an amazing opportunity for players when agents contact scouts to come watch a game.

“It’s important to show that students learn French and are able to speak French,” said Anselmo. “EduKick France encourages integration within the team to build relationships with the other players who are from all over the world.”

EduKick France is located in Cannes, one of the most cultural cities of the French Riviera. Student-players attend classes at the International College of Cannes, located directly across www.ufabet from the beach. The campus is breath-taking during the winter.

Football training in France brings both the academic and athletic aspects together to prepare students for high achievement. Working with bi-lingual coaches at EduKick France allows the student to learn the French language while maintaining their native accent.